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Golden Giant was founded in 1971 by Gene Good, who had a simple business plan.  It was to be a full service provider of state-of-the-art steel buildings.  The alternative prior to Golden Giant was to deal with companies, who had to source products from various identities and could only hope the pieces would fit together at the job site. 

Gene’s straight forward philosophy provided a one stop shop buying solution for steel building projects.  The customer now had one company to work with for the design, fabrication, and erection of their buildings, hence the term “Spanning the Gap”.  The customers could now save time and money because the middlemen were eliminated from the transaction.  Also, the enormous logistics hurdles were brought under control because Golden Giant was now solely responsible for the design, manufacturing, delivering and erection of the buildings. 

“The business strategy is still a very successful one, 36 years later”, stated Gene.

Golden Giant was involved in selling many Flat Storage Marine Facilities around the Great Lakes in the early 1980’s.  Marina owners were basically pulling the customers boat and trailer right into the building.  A couple of marinas had converted the traditional 2 level warehouse racking systems into boat racks.

Intrigued with the concept, Gene took a closer look at the design.  He immediately noticed the severe deflection from the boat being considerably heavier than the rack system could support.  Gene realized there was a considerable amount of wasted space because some boats were bigger and some were smaller yet sitting in adjacent spaces.  Hence, the concept of designing, fabricating and erecting an adjustable, rack supported building.  This concept eliminated the need for additional separate columns and footings which were required in the non-rack supported buildings.  It also gave the marina owner the options of adjusting rack heights to optimize rack storage space.  The marina operator no longer had to shoe horn boats into the racks. 

Golden Giant, having 30 years of experience in building rack-supported structures, has developed the state of the art software.  We, at Golden Giant, believe we offer:

  • A stronger building as it relates to meeting and exceeding building codes
  • A building that can be built in 10-25% less erection hours than most of our     competitors
  • The best product flow in the industry allows us to adjust delivery schedules to meet quick timelines and tight site conditions because we are a single source

We continue to incorporate lessons learned from having building on the coastline of the United States, many of the inland waterways and lakes over the last 30 years.   Our success has verified that buyers really want to deal with a full line (design-fabricate-erect) supplier.  Our smart strategic investment in people, processes and a state of the art manufacturing facility, can truly give you, our customer; a well designed and executed marina facility.   

Golden Giant has led many of the design innovations that make operating the marina easier and safer for the owner operator.  One such innovation is the clevis bracket on the girder beam.  It allows for easy vertical adjustments by the owner.  Virtually every owner will adjust beam heights based on the actual demand.  Some of our competitors systems require additional equipment and up to 3 times the effort to adjust the beams.  We have Florida Product Approved Siding & Sliding Doors that have oversized wheels for ease of operation.  Golden Giant offers Channel brackets and 4 Point Adjustable and Swivel brackets.  Each bracket offers unique characteristics from ease of installation and easy to adjust in the future to meet your customer’s specific needs.

Please contact us for more information about how Golden Giant can save you time, help you meet aggressive timelines and provide cost effective solutions.